Armor Defence Obtained from Materials Crafting Level Notes
Bear Armor BearFurBody 6 Bear 18 BearFur 130 CraftingSkill Wearing a full Bear Armor provides cold resistance
Snake Armor SnakeskinBody 9 Snake

Blood Snake

60 Snakeskin 220 CraftingSkill
Lava Snake Armor LavaSnakeskinBody 12 Lava Snake

Blood Lava Snake

60 LavaSnakeskin 300 CraftingSkill
Lizard Armor LizardskinBody 15 Lizard

Blood Lizard

60 Lizardskin 450 CraftingSkill
Elephant Armor ElephantBody 21 Elephant

Blood Jungle Tribe

60 ElephantSkin 550 CraftingSkill
Promethium Armor PromethiumBody 30 Skeleton King 1600 PromethiumBars 600 CraftingSkill Promethium Molds are needed to craft Promethium Armor
Titanium Armor TitaniumBody 36 Fire Skeleton Cemetery

Ice Skeleton Cemetery

Skeleton Cemetery

1600 TitaniumBars 800 CraftingSkill Promethium Armor and Titanium Molds are needed to craft Titanium Armor
Trident Soldier Helmet TridentSoldierHelmet 12 Trident Soldier
Trident Soldier Helmet+ TridentSoldierHelmetPlus 15 Crafting 1 SquidHorn1 +

1 SquidHorn2

1 CraftingSkill Trident Soldier Helmet are needed to craft Trident Soldier Helmet+
Dark Mage Set DarkMageTop Dark Mage Wearing a full Dark Mage Set the magic damage is doubled
Blood Reaper Set BloodReaperTop Blood Haunted Mansion Pack Wearing a full Blood Reaper Set the magic damage is tripled
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