Diamond Hunt Mobile Wiki

Bear Armor can be crafted from Bear Fur, which is dropped by the Bear at Caves. Also, wearing a full Bear Armor provides cold resistance.

Piece BearFur.png Defence.png Crafting Level
BearFurMask.png 4 1 130 CraftingSkill.png
BearFurBody.png 8 3 130 CraftingSkill.png
BearFurLegs.png 6 2 130 CraftingSkill.png

Bear Full Mask

There is also the Bear Full Mask, a piece of equipment, dropped by the Blood Bear at Caves (Blood), that when in use causes Bear and Blood Bear not to appear at Caves and Caves (Blood).

Piece Defence.png Effect
BearFullMask.png 1 Avoids bears in caves while keeping you nice and warm