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Blood Crystals are obtainable from Missions and Mineral Necklace for free, while the Blood Crystal Shop sells Blood Crystals for real money another way is to win the prize pool. Blood Crystals are mostly used for buying upgrades and items from the Blood Crystal Shop.

Blood Crystals trading Limit

Blood Crystals trading Limit is increased by the exact amount of Blood Crystals purchased. This Limit is used up through direct or indirect transactions with other players.

  • purchasing from Player market
  • Direct Trading Blood Crystals to another player

Note that, once a Blood Crystal trade is completed with another player, the Blood Crystals recieved becomes non-tradable. Therefore, the reciever of Blood Crystals cannot use it to further trade with other players. (unless the reciever has already purchased Blood Crystals, and has Blood Crystal trade Limit over zero. In which case, the blood Crystals will be tradable upto the Blood Crystals trade Limit.)

Time machine

Main: Time Machine

The time machine uses blood crystals to run. You may put in any amount of blood crystals in order to advance in game time. The more blood crystals you use, the more time is advanced. For more information, click on the link below: Time Machine

Area Maps


For 500 BC, you can buy the map to the next area. To access this option, hit the locked next button in the exploring area selection area.

Charging an Hp Emblem

Main: HP Emblem

They can be charged for 250 BC.