Blood crystals are a form of currency in DHM. They can be obtained by completing missions, from the gem finder, or from donating (must be unlocked).

Blood crystals are used mainly for buying things from the blood crystal shop. Such as bigger inventory storage, farming patches, and xp bonuses. Blood crystals can also be used with the Time Machine to instantly advance in-game time.

Below are all the places blood crystals are used.

(Note: In this section, BC is sometimes used for Blood Crystals)

Blood crystal well

The blood crystal well allows you to gamble away blood crystals in the hope of getting more. The minimum amount of blood crystals you can throw in the well is 100. (Or if the max is 50, then 50) For more information see the page on wells linked here:

Time machine


The time machine uses blood crystals to run. You may put in any amount of blood crystals in order to advance in game time. The more blood crystals you use, the more time is advanced. For more information, see the link below:

Area Maps


For 500 BC, you can buy the map to the next area. To access this option, hit the locked next button in the exploring area selection area.

Charging an Hp Emblem

So far, the only HP emblem that needs to be charged is the one found in the regular chest and the one from the pufferfish. They can be charged for 250 BC.

Blood Crystal Shop

Blood crystals are mostly used in the blood crystal shop. Here are the different upgrades and items you can buy. Since there are separate shop tabs, the underlined headings are the tabs, and regular headings are the items.

Icon Name Desription Cost
Vhw spell Changes the wind to very high for 5 minutes, which increases sailboat loot 250
Blood Moon Spell Triggers a blood moon for 5 minutes, making more powerful monsters appear 1,000
Super Bait Allows you to catch different types if fish 50
MysteryGemBox Mystery Gems Contains a gem, 25% chance for each type Based on amount
Enriched Potions Powerful potions (See below See below
Empty Blue orbs Can be changed into any blue orb Based on amount
Empty Green Orbs Can be changed into any green orb Based on amount
Capacity Allows you to hold more ores and oil etc.
HpEmblem1Uncharged Hp Emblem Adds 10 hp to your explorer's max hp. Permanent 1,000
MagicEmblem1Uncharged Magic Emblem Allows to to upgrade a spell

(See the Combat page for more info)

Farming / Woodcutting patches Allows you to grow more plants/trees at once. Permanent Vary, see skill pages

More info on specific items:

Mystery Gems

Each box contains a single random gem ranging from sapphire to diamond. Each gem has an equal chance of appearing.

As of March 19, 2019, the only other way to get a mystery gem box is as a loot drop from desert lizard warrior 1.

Gems box Price Sapphires* Emeralds* Rubies* Diamonds* BC Cost per Gem
1 300 BC 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.25 300 BC
5 1400 BC 1.25 1.25 1.25 1.25 280 BC
10 2500 BC 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5 250 BC
25 5000 BC 6.25 6.25 6.25 6.25 200 BC
50 8000 BC 12.5 12.5 12.5 12.5 160 BC
100 15000 BC 25 25 25 25 150 BC

*Average amount per box.

BC is Blood crystals

Enriched Potions

These can only be bought at the blood crystal shop.

Potion Name Cost (Blood crystals) Function Duration
Seed Finder 500 Finds lots of seeds 1:15 hours (with BD kettle)
Pirate's potion 500 Increases map find chance, min 1 1:15 hours (with BD kettle)
Geode Potion 500 Increase chance of finding geodes

2:30 hours (with BD kettle)

Infinite In-combat potion 800 If you use a potion in combat, there is a 10% chance of making it free to use in combat forever. 1 hour

Empty Orbs

These can be converted into any orb of that color. You can buy multiples of the same orb. A single Blue orb costs 2,000 BC. For more on orbs, see the page on orbs.

Temporary Upgrades

(These have been replaced by buffs)

This are upgrades that only last for a certain time period.

Upgrade Name Cost (Blood crystals) Function Duration
+25% xp 500 You get + 25% xp when you get xp in any skill 7 days
12 hours offline time 100 After you log off your account, for the next 8 hours, you still get stuff. Instead of 8 hours, you get 12 hours offline time 7 days

Wise Investing

Blood Crystals are hard to get without dropping a few bucks. This section is designed to help you decide what to spend the blood crystals you have gotten through playing on.

The higher it is on the chart, the more important (I think) it is you get it first.

''This section is based on opinion, but is helpful advise. You can decide to listen to it or not. "

It was made by a player who has only used blood crystals from playing the game, so take that into consideration

Item or Upgrade name Price Wise Purchase? Why?
Capacity Varies Yes You will need more ores and oil as you get further in the game. Without upgrading capacity, you can't make or use certain items, like the rocket.
Hp Emblem 1,000 shop, 250 charge Yes You will need more hp to battle higher level monsters
Patches Varies Yes The only reason hp emblems is above this is these aren't necessary, but are really helpful
Empty Orbs Varies on type and amount purchased Yes While expensive, these are permanent buffs, and are the best of the consumable items options for Blood Crystals. Plus, you get to choose which buff you want.
Enriched Potions Varies on type Maybe These potions are powerful, and can be profitable, but RNG is still a factor.
Area Maps 500 Maybe Just like Gems below, you can get these elsewhere, by exploring the highest area you have. RNG just has to be in your favor.
VHW 250 Maybe If you need energy and have the sailboat, you can send it out while it's active to get more fish. Also helps friends and others on the server. Also you need VHW for Mission set 23.
Mystery Gems Varies based on amount purchased No You might be tempted at lower levels, but you will have plenty of sapphires and emeralds, and you can get one of this box as a loot drop in desert.
Blood Crystal Well User chooses No There is no guarantee you will get anything out of this, this is gambling, and is not a wise option.
Time Machine Varies based on time skipped. No This is in my opinion, the worst way to spend Blood Crystals. This is an Idle game. You can wait a few hours.

Notes on the Chart Above:

These are some more reasons I* made this chart the way I* did.

  • While VHW increases the fish caught, it still has a high use of RNG, meaning you can still get a bunch of low level fish.
  • Patches can help raise the Farming and Woodcutting skills a lot faster, and are permanent.
  • I mainly said permanent upgrades are the best, since they keep on giving.
  • The Blood Crystal Well is above time machine because you can still get stuff from it.
  • Mystery Gems can be sold to the shop for coins, making it the most direct way to convert Blood crystals to coins, but this is not recommended.
  • Buffs are not included because they involve spending money, and I* have not done so, so I* can't advise you about it. It's entirely up to you.
  • What I have : All capacity upgrades, Hp emblems (1 bought, 1 charged), magic emblems, and some for time machine for quest related reasons. Hoping to get more patches soon.


If you disagree with the chart above, please comment below, and state why.


  • Blood crystals used to be tradeable for a few hours on the 18th of February
  • The VHW spell used to cost 500 blood crystals
  • Instead of buffs, there were two temporary upgrades. These are the +25% xp and 12 hours offline time upgrades, costing 500 and 100 BC respectively, and each lasted for 7 days.
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