Bow is a weapon that allows you to equip different arrows to deal damage and inflict effects. It is one of the best weapons in the game as it is 1 of only 2 ranged weapons. (Other is Super Bow)

A Bow must be used with arrows to deal damage. One shot will consume one arrow, even when it deals 0 damage. There are five different kinds of arrows. (one is unobtainable)





Arrows 1 Feather

1 Logs

1 Bones

8 -
SuperArrows 1 BloodFeather

1 LavaLogs

1 BloodBones

17 -
FireArrows 1 FireFeather

1 WillowLogs

1 Bones

10 Double damage in cold environments.
IceArrows 1 IceFeather

1 PineLogs

1 IceBones

12 Double damage in hot environments.
PoisonArrows X 12 Poisons you enemy
SuperPoisonArrows 25 PoisonArrows

1 PoisonSquidInk

12 Poisons your enemy.
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