Brewing is the fifth skill and can be unlocked by obtaining a Brewing Kit from the third mission. Brewing allows you to mix different ingredients obtained from farming together to create a potion, giving buffs for a set amount of time.

Ingredients Edit

See the Category:Brewing Ingredients category for information on the plants used.

Potions Edit

Potion Level Materials Effect Time XP Unlocked?
Furnace Speed Potion FurnaceSpeedPotion 1 3 DottedGreenLeaf
10 RedMushroom
Your furnace will smelt bars
twice as fast.
Clock 15:00 50 unlocked by default
Seed Finder Potion SeedFinderPotion 5 2 DottedGreenLeaf
15 RedMushroom
Increases your chance of finding
seeds by 10%
Clock 15:00 250 Drink 2 furnace speed
Compost Potion (Farming) CompostPotion 10 1 GreenLeaf
30 RedMushroom
Crops grow twice as fast. (stacks with Compost Potion+) Clock 15:00 1,000 Find one seed triggered by the seed finder potion
Compost Potion (Woodcutting) TreeCompostPotion 20 10 DottedGreenLeaf
10 GreenLeaf
Trees grow twice as fast. Clock 15:00 2,500 Drink 20 potions of any kind
Fishing Speed Potion FishingSpeedPotion 30 15 DottedGreenLeaf
50 RedMushroom
1 Shrimp
Find fish twice as fast. Clock 30:00 5,000 Drink 10 compost potions
Bronze Star Potion (Woodcutting) WoodcuttingXpPotion 40 15 GreenLeaf
100 RedMushroom
If a tree starts growing, it will automatically have a etter bronze star bonus. Clock 30:00 10,000 Catch a fish using the fishing speed potion
Explorer Speed Potion ExploringSpeedPotion 50 20 DottedGreenLeaf
100 RedMushroom
Your exploring is twice as fast. Clock 15:00 15,000 Chop down 5 trees with a bronze star bonus
Bait Finder Potion BaitPotion 60 20 GreenLeaf
10 LimeLeaf
1 Bait
Finds fishing bait passively. Clock 1:00:00 22,000 Have 7 potions running at once
Bronze Star Potion (Farming) FarmingXpPotion 70 5 GoldLeaf
250 RedMushroom
Planting new crops will make them have a bronze star bonus. Clock 2:00 30,000 Find some bait using the bait potion
Tree Upgrade Potion WoodcuttingUpgradePotion 80 1 CrystalLeaf
10 LimeLeaf
250 RedMushroom
Can be used on a woodcutting patch to upgrade the tree.
Note: Any shiny status and stars on the base tree will be applied to the upgraded tree
N/A 45,000 Trigger the farming bronze star potion 20 times
Super Compost Potion SuperCompostPotion N/A Obtained from a mission Can be poured over a crop

growing it instantly.

N/A 0
Compost Potion+ (Farming) FastCompostPotion 90 50 DottedGreenLeaf
1 CompostPotion
Crops grow 5 times faster (stacks with Compost Potion). Clock 15:00 55,000 Upgrade your trees using the upgrade potion 5 times
HP Potion HpCombatPotion 100 100 GreenLeaf
50 LimeLeaf
Heals 5 hp during combat. Max per fight: 1. N/A 62,000 Drink the compost+ potion 20 times
Oil Potion OilPotion 120 2 GoldLeaf
200 RedMushroom
Doubles your oil income Clock 3:00:00 75,000 Heal for a total of 30 hitpoints
Freeze Potion FreezeCombatPotion 135 5 CrystalLeaf
350 RedMushroom
Freezes the enemy for 5 seconds. Max per fight: 1. N/A 88,000 Gain 140 oil per second
Coin Potion CoinPotion 150 5 GoldLeaf
250 GreenLeaf
100,000 Coins
Gain between 1 and 5000 coins per tick. Clock 6:00:00 100,000 Use two types of potion in combat on the same fight
Artifact Potion ArtifactPotion 175 1 CrystalLeaf
5 GoldLeaf
400 RedMushroom
Guarantees an artifact drop from an exploring loot bag. 1 lootbag 130,000 Generate a total of 1B gold pieces (use coin potion)
Fertilize Soil Potion FertilizeSoilPotion 200 50 DottedGreenLeaf
10 GoldLeaf
10 Bones
Fertilizes soil for leaf and mushroom patches. 1 crop 160,000 Trigger the artifact potion 30 times
Ignore Defense Potion IgnoreDefenceCombatPotion 220 250 DottedGreenLeaf
100 GreenLeaf
Ignore enemy defence on your next hit N/A 180,000 Harvest 16 gold leaves from one patch
Pirates Potion PiratesPotion 250 300 DottedGreenLeaf
50 LimeLeaf
Doubles chance to get maps from pirates Clock 6:00:00 210,000 Drink the ignore defence potion 15 times
Ghost Scan Potion GhostScanCombatPotion 270 15 GoldLeaf
300 RedMushroom
Allows you to damage ghosts N/A 230,000 Find a treasure map using the pirates potion
Tree Roots Potion TreeRootsPotion 300 5 CrystalLeaf
25 GoldLeaf
200 LimeLeaf
The next tree you chop down will have more roots N/A 260,000 Cast ghost scan in three different fights in under 50 minutes
Super HP Potion SuperHpCombatPotion 340 5 CrystalLeaf
50 LimeLeaf
500 RedMushroom
Heals 25HP during combat N/A 300,000 Have 4 tree roots potion active at once
Promethium Potion PromethiumPotion 400 300 DottedGreenLeaf
600 RedMushroom
Increases promethium from giant drills. 30:00 298,000 Heal for a total of 500 hitpoints
Reset Combat Potion ResetFightingPotion 435 90 GoldLeaf
250 GreenLeaf
Ability to fight a second time in a combat area N/A 315,000 Mine 250 promethium using the promethium potion
Rocket Speed Potion RocketSpeedPotion 475 15 CrystalLeaf
250 LimeLeaf
50 Charcoal
Makes your rocket go much faster 30:00 360,000 Reset your combat while exploring the castle
Strength Potion StrengthCombatPotion 550 5 StripedGreenLeaf
1000 RedMushroom
Increases accuracy and attack bonus by 25% N/A 500,000 Drink a rocket speed potion while flying towards or away from the sun
Infection Cure Potion InfectionCurePotion 600 1 StripedGreenLeaf
10 CrystalLeaf
50 GoldLeaf
Cures being infected by a zombie N/A 580,000 Use a strength combat potion while fighting a zombie
Fruit Tree Potion FruitTreePotion 750 5 StripedGreenLeaf
50 GoldLeaf
350 LimeLeaf
Only fruit trees will grow 2:00:00 675,000 Cure a zombie infection 3 times
Titanium Potion TitaniumPotion 900 5 StripedGreenLeaf
50 GoldLeaf
350 LimeLeaf
Increases titanium from excavators drills 30:00 900,000 Grow 20 fruit trees with the fruit tree potion
Tree Downgrade Potion DowngradePotion 950 4 StripedGreenLeaf
200 GoldLeaf
1,000 LimeLeaf
Can be used on a woodcutting patch to downgrade the tree. N/A 1,200,000 Upgrade 3 pineapple trees into a starfruit tree
Research Speed Potion ResearchSpeedPotion 1,000 4 StripedGreenLeaf
4 StripedGoldLeaf
1,000 GreenLeaf
Doubles your researcher's speed. 3:00:00 1,400,000 Downgrade two pine tree while fighting a Frozen Ent, (Blood Moon doesn't count).
Super Rocket Speed Potion SuperRocketSpeedPotion 1100 250 GoldLeaf
100 CrystalLeaf
20 StripedGoldLeaf
10 StripedCrystalLeaf
1,000 Charcoal
Makes your rocket go extremely fast 15:00 1,700,000 Arrive at the sun while having a rocket speed potion running the whole trip

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