Brewing is the 5th skill and can be unlocked by obtaining a Brewing Kit from the third Mission. Brewing allows you to mix different ingredients obtained from farming together to create a potion, giving buffs for a set amount of time. Upgrading the Brewing Kit with gems extends the time potions last by 20%. If it is a 15 min potion and you have a sapphire, it will be 18 min.

Types of Potions Edit


Level Materials Effect Starting Time XP

Furnace Speed

FurnaceSpeedPotion 1 3 Dotted Green Leaves

10 Mushrooms

Your furnace will smelt bars
twice as fast.
15 min 50

Seed Finder

SeedFinderPotion 5 2 Dotted Green Leaves

15 Mushrooms

Increases your chance of finding
seeds by 10%
15 min 250

Compost Potion


CompostPotion 10 1 Green Leaf

30 Mushrooms

Crops grow twice as fast. 15 min 1000

Compost Potion


TreeCompostPotion 20 10 Dotted Green Leaves

10 Green Leaves

Trees grow twice as fast. 15 min 2500

Fishing Speed

FishingSpeedPotion 30 15 Dotted Green Leaves
50 Mushrooms
1 Shrimp
Find fish twice as fast. 30 min 5000

Bronze Star


WoodcuttingXpPotion 40 15 Green Leaves

100 Mushrooms

If a tree starts growing, it will
automatically have a
better bronze star bonus.
30 min 10000

Explorer Speed

ExploringSpeedPotion 50 20 Dotted Green Leaves

100 Mushrooms

Your exploring is twice as fast. 15 min 15000

Bait Finder

BaitPotion 60 20 Green Leaves
10 Lime Leaves
1 Fishing Bait
Finds fishing bait passively. 1 hour 22000
Bronze Star (Farming) FarmingXpPotion 60 5 Gold Leaves

250 Mushrooms

Planting new crops will make them have a bronze star bonus. 30 sec 30000
Super Compost Potion SuperCompostPotion Obtained from a mission Can be poured over a crop

growing it instantly.

N/A 0