Charcoal Foundry is a craftable item used to produce coal. It uses logs and lava buckets to work and requires crafting level 520 to create. Different logs yield different amounts of coal, up to a maximum of 1,000 logs at a time by default.

Type of log Amount of lava Exp Yield
LogsLogs Lava1 250 5%
OakLogsOak Logs Lava2 500 10%
WillowLogsWillow Logs Lava3 750 15%
MapleLogsMaple Logs Lava4 1000 20%
RedwoodLogsRedwood Logs Lava5 1250 25%
PineLogsPine Logs Lava6 1500 30%
HauntedLogsHaunted Logs Lava7 1750 35%
JungleLogsJungle Logs Lava8 2000 40%
LavaLogsLava Logs Lava9 4000 45%
GoldLogsGold Logs Lava10 8000 50%
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