Managing a city provides a way to improve your chances in any game feature based on random chance. This random chance is often referred to as RNG, Random Number Generator.

The city is unlocked in the form of completing a mini-quest:

Unlocking the city Edit

Once you reach a global level of 2500,you will find a voting ballot at your home. When you pick it up, it asks if you want to start collecting votes to become mayor. Hit yes, and you will get everyone's vote...

Except the shopkeeper, who says you'll just raise taxes. He then goes back and says you can bribe him for 5 billion coins to vote for him.

If you decline it, the chef and miner will praise you for doing the right thing. You won't get the shopkeeper's vote however, but the majority still voted for you.

If you accept it, I don't know what happens. Much like the choice in the animal rights quest on dh2, there are two choices you could make, but one is 10x easier then the other.

Either way, I'm guessing you are now mayor.

When you accept, your rng takes a hit. Your city is failing on your first day at work. Maybe it's the shopkeeper getting revenge. The only thing you can do is build a turbine. You can build multiple turbines actually. You need a population of 60 ( you start with 50) to build other stuff.

Once you build 2 turbines, your population will start to grow.

Ratings Edit

Your rating is influenced by pollution and how well you provide for the needs of your citizens. Each citizen needs 30 MayorElectricityResource, 1250 MayorWaterResource, 0.5 MayorEducationResourceIcon and 3 MayorSecurityResource

Rating Effect on RNG
SadIcon Bad -20%
NeutralIcon Neutral 0%
HappyIcon Good +15%
VeryHappyIcon Great +25%

Buildings Edit

Building Cost Experience Resource Pollution Notes
SilverBars 5,000 +500,000 Crafting XP MayorElectricityResource 100 kWh PollutionIcon No pollution Clock white 5:00
IronBars 5,000

GoldBars 3,000

+525,000 Crafting XP MayorElectricityResource 500 kWh PollutionIcon Medium pollution (7%) Unlocked at 60 population

Clock white 10:00

Oil Powerplant
IronBars 8,000

GoldBars 3,000
Oil lighter 1,000,000

+555,000 Crafting XP MayorElectricityResource 2,000 kWh PollutionIcon High pollution (14%) Unlocked at 100 population

Clock white 30:00

Solar Farm
SilverBars 10,000

PromethiumBars 250

+1,200,000 Crafting XP MayorElectricityResource 1,500 kWh PollutionIcon No pollution Unlocked at 290 population

Clock white 3:00:00

RedwoodLogs 10,000

Powerlines 1

MayorElectricityResource 0* kWh PollutionIcon No pollution Unlocked at 1900 population

Clock white 8:00:00

CraftingSkill Level 870

Increases your current powerlines from double to triple

Building Cost Experience Resource Pollution Notes
Water Pipe
GoldBars 25 +100 Crafting XP MayorWaterResource 100L PollutionIcon No pollution Unlocked at 200 kWh + 65 population
Water Tower
BronzeBars 20,000 +545,000 Crafting XP MayorWaterResource 30,000L PollutionIcon No pollution Unlocked at 200 kWh + 65 population

Clock white 5:00

Water Filtering Plant
BronzeBars 50,000 +585,000 Crafting XP MayorWaterResource 100,000L PollutionIcon No pollution Unlocked at 110 population

Clock white 30:00

Move Water Plant
Logs 20,000

MapleLogs 10,000
JungleLogs 5,000
WaterFilteringPlant 5

MayorWaterResource 250,000L PollutionIcon No pollution Unlocked at 510 population

You move all 5 water plants at once

Pipe Valves
IronBars 80,000

SilverBars 70,000

+750,000 Crafting XP MayorWaterResource 300,000L PollutionIcon No pollution Unlocked at 950 population

Building Cost Experience Resource Pollution Notes
Elementary School
GoldBars 1,000

PromethiumBars 100

+560,000 Crafting XP MayorEducationResourceIcon 100 Seats PollutionIcon No pollution Unlocked at 90,000L + 110 population

Clock white 20:00

High School
SilverBars 20,000

PromethiumBars 500

+1,560,000 Crafting XP MayorEducationResourceIcon 200 Seats PollutionIcon No pollution Unlocked at 750 population

Building Cost Experience Resource Pollution Notes
Fire station

GoldBars 2,000
PromethiumBars 75

+580,000 Crafting XP MayorSecurityResource 50 Services PollutionIcon No pollution Unlocked at 100 Seats + 80 population

Clock white 10:00

Police station


+580,000 Crafting XP MayorSecurityResource 75 Services PollutionIcon No pollution Unlocked at 95 population

Clock white 10:00


GoldBars 8,000

+650,000 Crafting XP MayorSecurityResource 90 Services PollutionIcon No pollution Unlocked at 165 population

Clock white 1:00:00

BronzeBars 20,000

PromethiumBars 200

+1,600,000 Crafting XP MayorSecurityResource 100 Services PollutionIcon No pollution Unlocked at 350 population

Clock white 3:00:00

IronBars 30,000

HauntedPainting 1

MayorSecurityResource 0* Services PollutionIcon No pollution Unlocked at 520 population

*You upgrade it with the rarest artifact from each zone, giving 100 services per zone

Police headquarters


MayorSecurityResource 500 Services PollutionIcon No pollution Unlocked at 1050 population

CraftingSkill Level 870

Clock white 3:00:00

Services Edit

Unlocked at some point around first time when water demand is covered.

Activate some services, starting with 2 of them at the same time. You can toggle on and off when you want.

Each service have some buff related with the City Management and the cost is money per second and person (population), for example, if you use Clean Energy (cost 0,6) and have a population of 500, the operation is:

Cost X Population = coins per second

So you spent 0,6 * 500 = 300 coins per second to run this service

Name Cost Notes
Clean Energy Coins 0,6 Reduces the pollution produced from power plants by 50%
Efficient Piping Coins 1,2 Hire engineers to better design your water pipes, tripling the volume limit per pipe.
Free Medicare Coins 3 Increases the population's global happiness.
Power Boost Coins 4,2 Increases power output by 50%.
Police Staff Coins 4,4 Doubles the staff for all police stations.
Promote Education Coins 5,5 Increases the population's global happiness at the expense of requiring more educational faculties.
Lower Taxes Coins 10 Increases the population's global happiness.
Publicity Coins 20 Increase population gain by 300%

Uniques Edit

Unlocked on either Services 300+ or first time basic needs are covered (Electricity, Water, Education, Services)

Name Cost Effect
Bulldozer Bulldozer Coins 800,000,000 Unlocked at 290 population

Allows you to destroy buildings

Parks Parks Coins 1,900M Unlocked at 350 population

Requires 750 Farming level

Add parks to your village increasing global happiness

NewServiceElectricityBoost New Service Coins 2,100M Unlocked at 400 population

Unlocks new service named Power Boost

MoreLand1 Land Lv.1 Coins 12B Unlocked at 500 population

Unlocks more land increasing your population cap

Powerlines Powerlines Coins 1,500M Doubles your power output
MayorUniqueBookKeeping Book Keeping Coins 1,000,000 Unlocked at 150 population

Gives players mayor points according to mayor rating

MoreLand1 Land Lv.2 Coins 50B Unlocks even more land increasing your population cap
ExtraService More Services Coins 1,000,000 Unlocked at 200 population

You may now run up to 3 services at a time.

CityWalls City Walls Coins 10B Ability to control the flow of population.

Unlocked (around) 1,000 population.


Apperently, the thief from the woods, and the gem goblin vote for you too, even though you may have killed countless of each.

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