A potion made at level 150 out of 5 gold leaves, 250 green leaves, and 100,000 coins. Gives between 0 and 5,000 coins per tick.

Profit AnalysisEdit

Brewing Kit Gem Potion Duration Min Coins Max Coins Avg. coins
None 6h 1m 1b Coins 54,000,000
Sapphire Sapphire 7h 12min 2m 5b Coins 64,800,000
Emerald Emerald 8h 24min 3m 10b Coins 75,600,000
Ruby Ruby 9h 36min 4m 25b Coins 86,400,000
Diamond Diamond 12h 5m 40b Coins 108,000,000
BloodDiamond Blood Diamond 15h 10m 75b Coins 135,000,000
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