Cooking is the 7th and last skill to be unlocked. It is unlocked by crafting an oven, which allows you to cook fish. Fish is passively obtained by the Fishing Rod, using up Fishing Bait for each fish caught. Fishing Bait can be obtained through Farming after unlocking the second Research Perk. Eating cooked fish and other food-items gives you Energy, which is mandatory to use the Exploring Skill.

Food Items Edit

Fish Edit

Every fish gives 2 energy per heat spent, but the amount of XP and fish bones they give vary depending of the fish:

Gem Name Heat XP Energy Fish Bones XP/Heat Level
None RawShrimp Shrimp Heat 25 CookingSkill 150 Steak 50 FishBones 0 CookingSkill 6 1
Sapphire RawSardine Sardine Heat 100 CookingSkill 500 Steak 200 FishBones 1 CookingSkill 5 20
Emerald RawTuna Tuna Heat 250 CookingSkill 5,000 Steak 500 FishBones 5 CookingSkill 20 50
Ruby RawSwordfish Swordfish Heat 1,000 CookingSkill 12,000 Steak 2,000 FishBones 10 CookingSkill 12 70
Diamond RawShark Shark Heat 2,500 CookingSkill 25,000 Steak 5,000 FishBones 25 CookingSkill 10 85
BloodDiamond RawWhale Whale Heat 5,000 CookingSkill 50,000 Steak 10,000 FishBones ? CookingSkill 10 150
BloodDiamond RawRainbowFish Rainbow Fish Heat 12,500 CookingSkill 100,000 Steak 25,000 FishBones ? CookingSkill 8 300

Other Edit

Name Energy
Apple Apple Steak 25
Cheese Cheese Steak 35
Potato Potato Steak 75
Honey Honey Steak 100
Nopal Nopal Steak 100
Bananas Banana Steak 225
CaveCarrot Cave carrot Steak 250

Heat per Item Edit

How heat works: Edit

To cook foods, you need heat. The amount of heat you need is next to the food in the tables above. To cook something you must have that heat or higher. To add heat, click on your oven and tap on the logs you want to add to your oven. Then to cook the food, just tap on the food you want to cook, enter how many of that food you want to cook, and tap cook. Congrats, now you are cooking some food!

Logs Edit

Type Heat
Logs Logs Heat 1
OakLogs Oak Logs Heat 2
WillowLogs Willow Logs Heat 3
EntLogs Ent Logs Heat 3
MapleLogs Maple Logs Heat 4
RedwoodLogs Redwood Logs Heat 5
PineLogs Pine Logs Heat 6
HauntedLogs Haunted Logs Heat 7
JungleLogs Jungle Logs Heat 8
LavaLogs Lava Logs Heat 9

More on Logs[1]

Kindle Edit

Type Heat
Kindle Kindle Heat 4
LavaKindle Lava Kindle Heat 6

Burn Rates Edit

Oven Type Burn Rate
BronzeOven Bronze 50%
IronOven Iron 40%
SilverOven Silver 30%
GoldOven Gold 20%
PromethiumOven Promethium 10%
TitaniumOven Titanium 5%