Diamond Hunt Mobile Wiki

The daily chest can be gotten after you complete a daily mission. Once you have one, you can click on it to craft keys.

5 Bronze bars (+ 1 gem, optional) = 1 Key

The higher tier Gems get you more chest slots. The number of chest slots determines how many different types of items you get.

Once you have a key, you can use it to open the chest.

Reward scales based on account levels and key used.

The following is loot found by players. Please remember that loot is leveled.

Chest Loot

Item Amount
StoneAmulet.png Berserker amulet 1
IronBars.png Iron Bars 1683 - 1732
GhostScanCombatPotion.png Ghost Scan Potion 6? - 9
RedMushroomSeeds.png Red Mushroom Seeds 31-64
HpCombatPotion.pngHP potion 3
SeedFinderPotion.pngSeed Finder Potion 4
Gold.pngGold Ore 2085-2404
FreezeCombatPotion.pngFreeze Potion 2-3
SmallBagOfCash.pngSmall Bag of Cash 206-4000
RawSwordfish.pngRaw Swordfish 2
Promethium.pngPromethium Ore 12-65
WillowLogs.pngWillow Logs 1815-2144
RawShark.pngRaw Shark 1
DottedGreenLeafSeeds.pngDotted Green Leaf Seeds 17
SilverBars.pngSilver Bars 1369 - 1374
Bait.pngFishing Bait 27 - 48
GoldLeafSeeds.pngGold Leaf Seeds 5
FastCompostPotion.pngCompost+ Potion 2 - 4
StoneRing.pngBerserker Ring 1
Ancient ore bar 1-1000000


It is also possible to find a Mimic Item when opening a Daily Chest, used to spawn a Mimic, the chances change with the different keys:

Key Gem Chance
BronzeKey.png - 1/101
BronzeSapphireKey.png Sapphire.png 1/81
BronzeEmeraldKey.png Emerald.png 1/61
BronzeRubyKey.png Ruby.png 1/31
BronzeDiamondKey.png Diamond.png 1/11