Diamond Hunt Mobile Wiki

Daily Missions can be obtained by purchasing them for 10,000,000 coins in the Community Center 6. Completing a mission will reward you with a Daily Chest, which rewards scale based on account level and key used.

List of Daily Missions

  • Explore the Fields 4 times
  • Explore the Forests 4 times
  • Explore the Caves 3 times
  • Explore the Volcano 2 times
  • Explore the Northern Fields 2 times
  • Explore the Haunted Mansion
  • Explore the Desert
  • Explore the Dungeon Entrance

  • Kill a chicken in the Fields
  • Kill an Ent in the Forest
  • Kill a Skeleton in the Caves
  • KIll a Fire Mage in the Volcano
  • Kill the Ice Hawk in the northern fields
  • Kill the desert lizard guardian in the desert
  • Kill a gorilla in the jungle

  • Smelt 20,000 copper ore
  • Smelt 20,000 Iron Bars
  • Smelt 10,000 Gold Bars
  • Smelt 20 Promethium Bars
  • Smelt 5 Titanium Bars

  • Refine a Gold Bar
  • Burn 100 Oak Logs in your foundry
  • Burn 20 Jungle Logs in your foundry

  • Notes:

    • According to failureis100, the exploring missons are not triggered when you finish the exploring trip, it's when you recive a lootbag from that area. So, if you kill a monster in the area, you could get the chest without being done exploring.