Diamond Hunt Mobile Wiki

The Diamond is one of the most important items in the game, the game being named and themed after it.

It is the 4th of 5 tiers gem available to use with various items. A player will at least need 77 Diamonds to upgrade tools and do everything you need.


Item Amount Note
Axe.png Shovel.png Rake.png BrewingKit.png FishingRod.png Machete.png Secateurs.png 7 in total

(1 for each)

RubyStoneAmulet.png 1

+1 Attack.png

RubyStoneRing.png 1

+1 Attack.png

CastleLootingRing.png 17 in total

(1 for each area)

Doubles the chance for equipment drops from monsters
Shop.png 1 You need to sell one sapphire to npc to unlock the Gem Goblin Shop
GoldDiamondDisplay.png PromethiumDiamondDisplay.png 1 for each display
GemGoblinShopIcon.png Variable
DailyChest.png TreasureChest.png GreenTreasureChest.png 1 for each key Gives more items slots
PromethiumDiamondDisplay.png 10 You need to sell 10 Promethium Diamond Display in one go to complete Mission Set 46
DiamondKey.png 30 You need to open 30 Treasure Chest with Gold Diamond Key in one go to complete Mission Set 47
RubyRobotMiner.png 10 You need to use 10 Diamonds to upgrade the Robot Miner