Enchanted Super Bow is a weapon that allows you to equip different arrows to deal damage and inflict effects.


An Enchanted Super Bow must be used with arrows to deal damage. One shot will consume one arrow, even when it deals 0 damage. There are six different of arrows.





Arrows.png 1 Feather.png

1 Logs.png

1 Bones.png

8 -
SuperArrows.png 1 BloodFeather.png

1 LavaLogs.png

1 BloodBones.png

17 -
FireArrows.png 1 FireFeather.png

1 WillowLogs.png

1 Bones.png

10 Double damage in cold environments.
IceArrows.png 1 IceFeather.png

1 PineLogs.png

1 IceBones.png

12 Double damage in hot environments.
PoisonArrows.png X 12 Poisons your enemy.
SuperPoisonArrows.png 25 PoisonArrows.png

1 PoisonSquidInk.png

12 Poisons your enemy.
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