Exploring is the 6th skill and can be unlocked by reaching a Global Level of 200. After unlocking the skill you need to buy one of two explorers for 250,000 Coins from the Game Shop. To actually start exploring you need Energy, which is mainly obtained with the Cooking skill. Exploring is the process of sending your explorer out to look for items and artifacts. As of January 11th, 2019, there are six areas in the game and five of which are explorable.

You can also equip items such as the Rusty Sword and Bear Armour to reduce the time and energy it takes to explore.

Energy Cost per Area Edit

Area Energy Cost Level Time Explorable
Fields Steak 50 1 15 min Yes
Forests Steak 250 15 30 min Yes
Caves Steak 1000 30 1 hour Yes
Volcano Steak 5000 50 2 hours Yes
Northern Fields Steak 10000 75 3 hours Yes
Haunted Mansion Steak 25000 100 4 hours No

Effects of Equipable Items Edit

Item Effect
RustySword Rusty Sword Minus 5% energy used
BearFurMask Bear Mask Minus 3% cooldown time
BearFurBody Bear Top Minus 9% cooldown time
BearFurLegs Bear Legs Minus 6% cooldown time

Item Drops Edit

Item Amount
RedMushroomSeeds Red Mushroom Seeds 1
DottedGreenLeafSeeds Dotted Green Leaf Seeds 1
GreenLeafSeeds Green Leaf Seeds 1
LimeLeafSeeds Lime Leaf Seeds 1
GoldLeafSeeds Gold Leaf Seeds 1
Bones Bones 1-2
Potato Potatoes 1-4
Artifact Amount XP
BrokenSwordArtifact Broken Sword 1-2* 30
CannonBallsArtifact Cannon Balls 1-2* 210
OldCannonArtifact Old Cannon 1-2* 540

*Research lvl 2 is required to receive more than 1 of an artifact

Item Amount
GreenLeafSeeds Green Leaf Seeds 2-8
RedMushroom Red Mushrooms 5-10
DottedGreenLeaf Dotted Green Leaves 5-10
LimeLeaf Lime Leaves 1-10
GoldLeaf Gold Leaves 1
Bones Bones 1-2
Logs Logs 53-136
Kindle Kindle 103-500
Apple Apples 1-10
Untitled Apple Tree Seeds 1
Artifact Amount XP
StrangeLeafArtifact Strange Leaf 1-2* 80
AncientLogArtifact Ancient Log 1-2* 560
RainbowFlowerArtifact Rainbow Flower 1-2* 1200

*Research lvl 2 is required to receive more than 1 of an artifact

Item Amount
Bones Bones 1-3
Logs Logs 104-299
CaveCarrot Cave Carrots 1-4
BearFur Bear Fur 1-4
BronzeBars Bronze Bars 517-985
IronBars Iron Bars 256-750
SilverBars Silver Bars 271-710
GoldBars Gold Bars 279-473
Promethium Promethium 1
Titanium Titanium 1
Artifact Amount XP
ClayVaseArtifact Clay Vase 1-2* 350
BatWingArtifact Bat Wing 1-2* 2450
SkullArtifact Skull 1-2* 5250

*Research lvl 2 is required to receive more than 1 of an artifact