Farming is the 4th skill in Diamond Hunt Mobile.

How to plant and harvest crops Edit

This is simple, but in case someone needs help figuring it out:

  1. Go to the farming tab
  2. Tap on the seed you want to plant
  3. It will show you the open farming patches you have. 
  4. Tap on the patches you want to plant that seed in.
  5. Hit the back button and wait till the time stops.
  6. Click on the patch (Or Bob, if you have him unlocked) to harvest the plants

You can find your harvested plants in the brewing tab. You can also sell them from here.

Rake Edit

Your rake is used to find seeds. It will find seeds for you over time. You can click on it to see a few options:

Seeds found: Shows how many of each type of seed you've found.

Upgrade: Lets you upgrade your rake. Upgrading your rake with a gem will make it find more seeds more quickly. Each Gem upgrade adds a 5% chance of finding a seed.

Seeds Edit

Normal Seeds Edit

Name Level Stops Dying Bonemeal XP Time Sell Price*
RedMushroom Red Mushroom 1 - - 100 15 min 5k
DottedGreenLeafSeeds Dotted Green Leaf 1 20 - 500 15 min 20k
GreenLeafSeeds Green Leaf 20 40 - 1500 30 min 40k
LimeLeafSeeds Lime Leaf 40 60 - 4000 1 hour 500k
GoldLeafSeeds Gold Leaf 60 80 10 10000 2 hours 1m
CrystalLeafSeeds Crystal Leaf 100 130 50 25000 3 hours 5m

*You can sell the plants in the brewing tab.

Tree Seeds Edit

Name Level Stops Dying Bonemeal XP Time Sell Price*
TreeSeeds Tree Seeds 15 30 - 5000 1 hour 100
OakTreeSeeds Oak Tree Seeds 30 50 1 12000 2 hours 500
WillowTreeSeeds Willow Tree Seeds 50 70 5 20000 4 hours 1000
MapleTreeSeeds Maple Tree Seeds 70 85 20 40000 6 hours 2500
Untitled Apple Tree Seeds 75 90 25 50000 6 hours -
RedwoodTreeSeeds Redwood Tree Seeds 75 100 35 95000 8 hours 10000
PineTreeSeeds Pine Tree Seeds 100 130 75 125000 10 hours 25000

*Sell price per log.

Bonemeal Edit

You might be asking yourself, looking at the table above, "What in the world is bonemeal?". Bonemeal is made of from bones that have been grinded up, and is put in the soil to give the plants calcium. In this game, it is used to grow high level plants. To get bonemeal, you have to first build a bonemeal bin, found in the crafting tab. Then, you have to go to your combat tab, and tap on the bones to add them to your bonemeal bin. Congrats, now you can use your bonemeal to grow high level seeds.

Research Perks Edit

Tier Icon Discription
1 Sealls001 10% chance for a seed to instantly grow when planted, without dying
2 Bait Harvesting crops now gives fishing bait, giving more XP
3 BronzeStar All crops now have a 20% chance to give double XP
4 FarmingResearchLevel4Icon Chopping down farmed trees will now give 5 times the logs

For a more detailed section on how to Research:[1]

Thanks to whoever made this Google Chart while this game was in beta, it helped me make the chart above: DHM Stuff [2]