Diamond Hunt Mobile Wiki

Gem Displays can be crafted using the Gold Refinery or Promethium Refinery, requiring five Refined Gold Bars or Refined Promethium Bars respectively, and one Gem. They can be sold for prices ranging from 100M to 10B coins, depending on the material and gem used.


Display Sell Price
Gold Sapphire Display GoldSapphireDisplay.png 100M
Gold Emerald Display GoldEmeraldDisplay.png 250M
Gold Ruby Display GoldRubyDisplay.png 750M
Gold Diamond Display GoldDiamondDisplay.png 2B
Promethium Sapphire Display PromethiumSapphireDisplay.png 500M
Promethium Emerald Display PromethiumEmeraldDisplay.png 1B
Promethium Ruby Display PromethiumRubyDisplay.png 5B
Promethium Diamond Display PromethiumDiamondDisplay.png 10B