Diamond Hunt Mobile Wiki


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Item Amount Rarity
Sapphire.png 2 - 5 1/1
Emerald.png 2 - 5 1/1
BloodCrystals.png 100 - 300 1/1
Ruby.png 1 - 3 1/2
Diamond.png 1 - 3 1/2
BloodDiamond.png 1 1/26

Encounter rates per area are;

Zone Rate
Fields 1/3,000
Forest 1/2,500
Caves 1/2,000
Volcano 1/1,500
Northern Fields 1/1,000
Haunted Mansion 1/750
Desert 1/600
Ocean 1/550
Jungle 1/500
Dungeon Entrance 1/450
Dungeon 1/400
Castle 1/350
Cemetery 1/350
Haunted Wood 1/350
Deep Ocean 1/250

One way of encountering a goblin if your low on energy is to explore the Jungle. With this method, it requires you to be able to kill 2 Gorillas in the jungle. You will need to have Combat Reset potions unlocked and ready to use. If you teleport from a fight every 15 minutes or 5 minutes with the upgraded teleporter you have a decent amount of attempts/chances to find a gem goblin. During this time you must also kill 2 gorillas. When you kill a gem goblin you are given a free reset combat potion even if you already used one. By killing 2 gorillas you will be given you enough bananas to cover the cost of exploring the jungle with extra energy to spare, You will also get plenty of banana seeds which will help you gain more energy once you start growing them.

The cost of exploring the Jungle is 200,000 energy. Bananas give you 225 Energy.

The gorilla has a drop chance of 500-1,000 bananas. By killing 2 you can get anywhere from 1,000-2,000 bananas. If you happen to get extremely unlucky and only get the bare minimum of 1,000 bananas that is still (1,000x225)= 225,000 energy which more than covers the cost of 200,000 energy to explore. At maximum you can get 450,000 energy from 2,000 bananas

That's not even including bananas you can get from the jungle loot bags or bananas from the seeds you get from either the loot bags or gorillas.

The best statistical way to find the gem goblin is to explore the Deep Ocean and teleport every 5 minutes. The most energy efficient way is to explore the Jungle.