Gems can be found with the Gem Finder, which is bought in the shop for Coins 1,000 after crafting a Community Center 1. There are 5 types of gems: Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond and Blood Diamond.

There is also Blood Crystals, which are used as in-game currency and can be purchased for real money or found after obtaining tier 2 research in mining.

Gems Edit

Gem Type Rarity Average Time per Gem Value
1/100,000 About a day

(~28 hours)

Coins 100,000
1/300,000 Half a week

(~3.5 days)

Coins 200,000
1/500,000 Almost a week

(~6 days)

Coins 500,000

+ Tier 2 Research in Mining

Drops multiple,

around 100 pcs

Almost a week

(~6 days)

Cannot be sold

to NPC shop.

1/1,000,000 One and a half weeks

(~11.5 days)

Coins 1,000,000
1/25,000,000 Three seasons

(~289 days)

Coins 25,000,000

(never sell this)

Note: Selling gems is not recommended. Instead you can trade them with other players or at the Gem Goblin Shop.

Uses (non-BC) Edit

Gems are used for...

  • Upgrading Tools (and Berserker Amulets/Rings), improving their speed and/or efficiency. You need to socket the gems in order by rarity: Empty -> Sapphire -> Emerald -> Ruby -> Diamond -> Blood Diamond.
  • Crafting keys, which are used to open Treasure Chests. The better the key, the more chest slots you have. More chest slots means a higher chance if getting better loot. (see the page on treasure chests for more info)
  • Upgrading Rings


If you have T5 Mining Research, you can convert 10 of one gem to 1 gem of the next rarity. This is usually used to create Blood Diamond.

Blood Crystals are different from other gems, as they are used as a form of currency.

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