Gems can be found with the Gem Finder, which is bought in the shop for Coins 1,000 after crafting a Community Center 1.

Basic Gems

Gem Type Rarity Average Time per Gem Value
1/100,000 About a day

(~28 hours)

Coins 100,000
1/300,000 Half a week

(~3.5 days)

Coins 200,000
1/500,000 Almost a week

(~6 days)

Coins 500,000

+ T2 Mining

Drops multiple,

around 100 pcs

Almost a week

(~6 days)

Cannot be sold

to NPC shop.

1/1,000,000 One and a half weeks

(~11.5 days)

Coins 1,000,000
1/25,000,000 Three seasons

(~289 days)

Coins 25,000,000

(never sell this)

Note: Selling gems is not recommended. They have many uses and are more valuable to players than what the pricing might suggest. Especially since Gem shop was introduced. If you are selling gems, do it by Trading instead.

Uses (non-BC)

Gems are used for...

  • Upgrading Tools (and Berserker Amulets/Rings), improving their speed and/or efficiency. You need to socket the gems in order by rarity: Empty -> Sapphire -> Emerald -> Ruby -> Diamond -> Blood Diamond.
  • Crafting keys, which are used to open Treasure Chests. The better the key, the more chest slots you have. More chest slots means a higher chance if getting better loot. (see the page on treasure chests for more info)
  • Upgrading Rings
  • Gem Displays , which are useful for crafting XP and can be sold for some coins, but they are less profitable than Trading.


If you have T5 Mining Research, you can convert 10 of one gem to 1 gem of the next rarity. This is usually used to create Blood Crystals, as people offer better exchange rates via Trading.

Blood Crystals are different from other gems, as they are used as a form of currency.

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