Diamond Hunt Mobile Wiki

Step #1 This is more of a mission oriented guide :-) First buy the miner from the shop he'll mine various ores for you...mission 1 to 4 are simple enough. The only thing you need to pay attention to is-buy all the capacity upgrades you can afford in blood crstal shop and open the plots as well.

Now for mission 5,unlock the exploring,crafting,brewing and woodcutting perks in that order.Once you reach mission 6,start three drills with all the oil and wait to get silver ores.once you get enough ores,smelt them to make an oil well(silver).Then start all 5 drills...In around 4-5 hrs you'll get 25 gold ores...make a crusher and start 1 crusher and 2 drills.

For farming,you can get to lvl 15 easily enough by planting dotted leaf seeds..red mushroom are inefficient for levelling..once you reach lvl 15,plant a tree seed which you get from completing mission 6.if you're in a hurry use super compost potion which will grow the tree instantaneously without any chance of dying or else save the potion(it is only obtainable from normal chests) and it can be useful later on.Once you reach farming lvl 20 you can start planting green leaf seeds.Meanwhile,keep unlocking researcher perks.

For mission 7(completing a quest)-once your global level reaches 70-80 or so,you get a quest automatically..you can build any home of your choice;it does not affect your performance in any way.

Once you reach mission 9,you'll need exploring reseach lvl 2 to get two same types of artifacts from one lootbag.To craft a bonemeal bin,you need a quest from chef...you need to explore forest lootbags to an apple..to earn 10M coins,you can sell leaves which are the most expensive items in early game. When you get to crafting level 100 don't forget to open the chest you got from completeing the carpenter's quest.You get an unchanrged health emblem from the chest..charge this to explore forest quite safely.

knight's quest-he's easy enough to beat once you equip the rusty sword.Also,if you lose you can fight multiple times.

For exploring-You can kill any monster in field pretty easily even without any equipment.Once you get a stinger from the bee(drop rate-1/2) and a cape from knight(a quest)and you absorb the health emblem you can explore the forest safely...you can easily kill the snake with there gears..first craft a full snakeskin armour and you can defeat all enemies in forest with this.Get a dagger from the thief and start exploring caves...here,kill the skeleton till you get the skele skord and shield.

Teddy bear quest-you get a damaged teddy bear from opening a forest lootbag once you accept this quest;you can patch it with a bear fur from caves lootbag/bear. This is pretty much it.For missions lvl 10 and above,head to guide for mission 10-20+extra info(no one has made it yet) but if you hv enough knowledge you can make it and help people :-)(p.s.-once the mission 10-20 guild has been made,add a message there to make an advanced guide for exploring and missions 20-40) and you can add to this guide extra info it you want to help.