Diamond Hunt Mobile Wiki

There are 7 HP Emblems, each giving the player an additional 10 HP. To use them, you first need to charge them, which costs 250 BloodCrystals.png each.

Emblem Clue Where Find it
HpEmblem.png Blood Crystal shop Purchased in Blood Crystal Shop for 1,000 Blood Crystals
HpEmblem.png Open me with a key Looted from a Treasure Chest
HpEmblem.png Explore an area filled with ghosts Looted from a Haunted Mansion loot bag
HpEmblem.png Puffy roaming the ocean Dropped from a Puffer Fish
HpEmblem.png Lava Community Center Purchased from Community Center 9
HpEmblem.png The breath of fire Unique drop from the Dragon found in the Castle
HpEmblem.png Dropped from ghosts which is not in the haunted mansion nor the forest Unique drop from the Ghost Pack found in the Haunted Woods