Diamond Hunt Mobile Wiki

There are 5 Magic Emblems, each enables the player to upgrade a Spell. To use them, you first need to charge them, which costs 250 BloodCrystals.png each.

Emblem Clue Where Find it
MagicEmblem.png Blood Crystal shop Purchased in Blood Crystal Shop for 1,000 Blood Crystals
MagicEmblem.png A chest with a challenge Found in the Puzzle Chest looted from Gargoyle
MagicEmblem.png Gold Community Center Purchased from Community Center 10
MagicEmblem.png "Wow, I completed X mission sets!" Mission level 35 reward
MagicEmblem.png "Beep Boop. Get out of my factory.  We are busy working." Looted from a Robot Mage found in the Factory
MagicEmblem.png Looted from Blood Puffer Fish found in the Ocean (Blood)


To purchase the Magic Emblem from the Community Center 10, you must first obtain the Magic Emblem dropped by the Gargoyle!