Diamond Hunt Mobile Wiki

The Mineral Necklace can be crafted after obtaining Crafting Research Tier 5 and costs various minerals from geodes to make. It can be charged with minerals and will passively find crates of a selected type, while the charge is active.


Picture Level Materials Chances*
MineralNecklace.png 395 15 TopazMineral.png
8 PurpleQuartzMineral.png
3 ClearMarbleMineral.png


MineralNecklace2.png 920 15 DenseMarbleMineral.png
8 AmethystMineral.png
3 TanzaniteMineral.png


*Mayor rating affects both

In fact, for a 30h round of gem crates, using the normal necklace, you usually get 24-25 crates, hence below the expected 1 crate/h.


Loot Rarity
BloodCrystals.png Blood Crystals Always
Sapphire.png Sapphire 1/2
Emerald.png Emerald 1/5
Ruby.png Ruby 1/9
Diamond.png Diamond 1/16
BloodDiamond.png Blood Diamond 1/1000

Loot Rarity
TreeRoots.png Tree Roots
MapleLogs.png Maple Logs
RedwoodLogs.png Redwood Logs
PineLogs.png Pine Logs
HauntedLogs.png Haunted Logs
JungleLogs.png Jungle Logs
Apple.png Apple
Nopal.png Nopal
Bananas.png Bananas

Loot Rarity
RedMushroomSeeds.png 20-40 Red Mushroom Seeds Always
DottedGreenLeafSeeds.png 5-10 Dotted Green Leaf Seeds Always
GreenLeafSeeds.png 5-10 Green Leaf Seeds Always
LimeLeafSeeds.png 5-10 Lime Leaf Seeds Always
GoldLeafSeeds.png 1-3 Gold Leaf Seeds 1/2
CrystalLeafSeeds.png 1 Crystal Leaf Seeds 1/4
StripedGreenLeafSeed.png 1 Striped Green Leaf Seeds
StripedGoldLeafSeeds.png 1 Striped Gold Leaf Seeds
StripedCrystalLeafSeeds.png 1 Striped Crystal Leaf Seeds

Loot Rarity
Gold.png 1303-4742 Gold Ore Always
Promethium.png 15-31 Promethium Ore Always
Titanium.png 2-3 Titanium Ore Always
Ancient.png 1 Ancient Ore 1/3

Loot Rarity
Sardine.png 10-20 Sardine Always
Bananas.png 50-100 Bananas Always
Tuna.png 10-20 Tuna Always
Swordfish.png 5-10 Swordfish Always
Coconuts.png 5-10 Coconuts 1/2
SeaTurtle.png 10-20 Sea Turtle 1/2
Lobster.png 10-20 Lobster 1/2
Shark.png 1 Shark 1/2
Nopal.png 60-180 Nopal 1/2
Starfruit.png 4-6 Starfruit 1/8
Food Crate gives you 28,250-858,700 energy (185,075 on average)