Missions are simple tasks which, when completed, give the player a reward (usually Blood Crystals).

List of MissionsEdit

Level 1Edit

  • Sell 100 stone at once.
  • Add exactly 10 copper ore in a furnace.
  • Smelt a total of 100 bronze bars.

Reward: 100 Blood Crystals, 1 Dotted Green Seed, Blood Crystal Shop

Level 2Edit

  • Harvest any plant from farming.
  • Examine the drop rates for gems.
  • Turn on a drill.
  • Have at least 7 miners working for you.

Reward: 100 Blood Crystals, 1 Sapphire

Level 3Edit

  • Have two patches of fully grown red mushrooms.
  • Smelt some gold ore.
  • Upgrade any tool.
  • Run 5 drills at a time.

Reward: 300 Blood Crystals, 1 Brewing Kit

Level 4Edit

  • Sell exactly 5 oak logs.
  • Gain a global level of at least 100.
  • Drink any kind of potion.

Reward: 150 Blood Crystals, 3 Green Seeds, 50,000 coins

Level 5Edit

  • Smelt 100 bronze bars in 100 seconds or less.
  • Research at least 3 times.
  • Smelt a total of 500 iron bars.
  • Unlock the next potion.

Reward: 150 Blood Crystals, 1 Super Compost Potion (Farming), Blood Crystal Shop Upgraded

Level 6Edit

  • Instantly grow a crop without using a potion.
  • Chop down willow tree.
  • Turn on crushers.

Reward: 200 Blood Crystals, 3 Tree Seeds

Level 7Edit

  • Brew 3 compost potions in once go.
  • Dig up some tree roots.
  • Sell some gold ore to the shop.
  • Complete a quest.

Reward: 250 Blood Crystals, 1 XP Lamp

Level 8Edit

  • Find an artifact from the fields.
  • Burn some food.
  • Consume food for a combined total of at least 500 energy.
  • Brew 10 or more potions in one tick.

Reward: 100 Blood Crystals, 1 Emerald

Level 9Edit

  • Eat a potato.
  • Have earned a total of 10 million coins.
  • Loot two of the same artifact in a loot bag.
  • Put some bones in the bonemeal bin.

Reward: 250 Blood Crystals, ≈3,162,899 Coins

Level 10Edit

  • Use the time machine.
  • Find a rainbow flower from the forest.
  • Chop down a maple tree.

Reward: 600 Blood Crystals

Level 11Edit

  • Harvest some gold leaf seeds.
  • Explore the caves.
  • Sell any type of statue.
  • Drink an explore speed potion.

Reward: 200 Blood Crystals, 1 Cave Skull artifact

Level 12Edit

Reward: 150 Blood Crystals, 6-10 Fields Loot Bags

Level 13Edit

  • Use ash with your bonemeal bin.
  • Sell any statue with a gold star bonus.
  • Chop down a redwood tree.

Reward: 150 Blood Crystals

Level 14Edit

  • Collect some lava.
  • Identify some blue marble found from geodes.
  • Have your defence bonus go over 2.

Reward: 150 Blood Crystals

Level 15Edit

  • Find a map with pirates.
  • Collect 4 bones in 1 lootbag from fields.

Reward: 200 Blood Crystals

Level 16Edit

  • Upgrade an oak tree into a willow tree using a potion.
  • Successfully cook a shark.
  • Convert an ice cube artifact into more exploring xp.
  • Chop down a pine tree.

Reward: 150 Blood Crystals, 1 Ruby

Level 17Edit

  • Add some lava kindling to your oven.
  • Wear full snakeskin armour.
  • Use a freeze potion in combat.

Reward: 150 Blood Crystals, 3 Mystery Gems

Level 18Edit

  • Chop a haunted tree.
  • Kill a skeleton in the caves.
  • Open a shiny loot bag.

Reward: 150 Blood Crystals, 3 Crystal Leaves

Level 19Edit

  • Sell any titanium statue.
  • Use a healing potion on 0 HP. (tick heal)
  • Add frozen bones to your bonemeal bin.
  • Open a bag of gold found in chests.

Reward: 300 Blood Crystals

Level 20 Edit

  • Own 3 or more pirates.
  • Kill the fire mage in the volcano.
  • Eat a swordfish with silver quality.

Reward: 600 Blood Crystals, 1 Oil Well Orb

Level 21 Edit

  • Reflect for a total of 300 damage.
  • Successfully cook exactly 20 shrimps.
  • Use ice arrows in a fight.

Reward: 100 blood crystals and some arrows (regular or fire)

Level 22 Edit

  • Use 3 combat potions in one fight.
  • Get a raw shark from the ocean loot bag.
  • Add 500 million coins in the gold well.
  • Send a row boat at least 20 times.

Reward: 100 Blood Crystals, ruby treasure chest key

Level 23 Edit

  • Send your sailboat when very high wind is active
  • Fill a total of 250 lava buckets
  • Chop down a cactus using the woodcutting skill
  • Earn a total of 15,000,000,000 coins

Reward: 100 Blood Crystals, 94 promethium bars

Level 24 Edit

  • Catch a raw shark from any boat
  • Explore the jungle 5 times
  • Go to the moon 
  • Kill a pufferfish

Reward: 100 Blood Crystals, 5 Titan Bars, 80 Lava

Level 25 Edit

  • Get any orb from any chest
  • Equip a ghostscan ring
  • Use a super hp potion in combat

Reward: 100 Blood Crystals, 1B Coins

Level 26 Edit

  • Explore the dungeon entrance
  • Poison an enemy
  • Chop down a lava tree

Reward: 100 Blood Crystals, 50 Dotted, Green, Lime Seeds

Level 27 Edit

  • Smelt a titanium bar
  • Sell a statue found in the dungeon entrance
  • Harvest 4 banana trees simultaneously using Bob
  • Kill a squid in the ocean without taking any damage

Reward: 100 Blood Crystals, 5 Daily Chest


Mission 12's fish bones requirement has been reduced twice from 250, to 100, to 50.

Mission 24's moon requirement triggers when landing on moon