List of MissionsEdit

Level 1Edit

  • Sell 100 stone at once.
  • Add exactly 10 copper ore in a furnace.
  • Smelt a total of 100 bronze bars.

Reward: 100 Blood Crystals, 1 Dotted Green Seed, Blood Crystal Shop

Level 2Edit

  • Harvest any plant from farming.
  • Examine the drop rates for gems. how?
  • Turn on a drill.
  • Have at least 7 miners working for you.

Reward: 100 Blood Crystals, 1 Sapphire

Level 3Edit

  • Have two patches of fully grown red mushrooms.
  • Smelt some gold ore.
  • Upgrade any tool.
  • Run 5 drills at a time.

Reward: 300 Blood Crystals, 1 Brewing Kit

Level 4Edit

  • Sell exactly 5 oak logs.
  • Gain a global level of at least 100.
  • Drink any kind of potion.

Reward: 150 Blood Crystals, 3 Green Seeds, 50,000 coins

Level 5Edit

  • Smelt 100 bronze bars in 100 seconds or less.
  • Research at least 3 times.
  • Smelt a total of 500 iron bars.
  • Unlock the next potion.

Reward: 150 Blood Crystals, 1 Super Compost Potion (Farming), Blood Crystal Shop Upgraded

Level 6Edit

  • Instantly grow a crop without using a potion.
  • Chop down willow tree.
  • Turn on crushers.

Reward: 200 Blood Crystals, 3 Tree Seeds

Level 7Edit

  • Brew 3 compost potions in once go.
  • Dig up some tree roots.
  • Sell some gold ore to the shop.
  • Complete a quest.

Reward: 250 Blood Crystals, 1 XP Lamp

Level 8Edit

  • Find an artifact from the fields.
  • Burn some food.
  • Consume food for a combined total of at least 500 energy.
  • Brew 10 or more potions in one tick.

Reward: 100 Blood Crystals, 1 Emerald

Level 9Edit

  • Eat a potato.
  • Have earned a total of 10 million coins.
  • Loot two of the same artifact in a loot bag.
  • Put some bones in the bone-meal bin.

Reward: 250 Blood Crystals, ≈3,162,899 Coins

Level 10Edit

  • Use the time machine.
  • Find a rainbow flower from the forest.
  • Chop down a maple tree.

Reward: 600 Blood Crystals

Level 11Edit

  • Harvest some gold leaf seeds.
  • Explore the caves.
  • Sell any type of statue.
  • Drink an explore speed potion.

Reward: 200 Blood Crystals, 1 Cave Skull artifact

Level 12Edit

Reward: 150 Blood Crystals, 6-10 Fields Loot Bags

Level 13Edit

  • Use ash with your bone-meal bin.
  • Sell any statue with a gold star bonus.
  • Chop down a redwood tree.

Reward: 150 Blood Crystals

Level 14Edit

  • Collect some lava.
  • Identify some blue marble found from geodes.
  • Have your defence bonus go over 2.

Reward: 150 Blood Crystals

Level 15Edit

  • Find a map with pirates.
  • Loot 4 bones from one loot bag found in the fields.

Reward: 200 Blood Crystals

Level 16Edit

  • Upgrade an oak tree into a willow tree using a potion.
  • Successfully cook a shark.
  • Convert an ice cube artifact into more exploring xp.
  • Chop down a pine tree.

Reward: 150 Blood Crystals, 1 Ruby

Level 17Edit

  • Add some lava kindling to your oven.
  • Wear full snakeskin armour.
  • Use a freeze potion in combat.

Reward: 150 Blood Crystals, 3 Mystery Gems

Level 18Edit

  • Chop a haunted tree.
  • Kill a skeleton in the caves.
  • Open a shiny loot bag.

Reward: 150 Blood Crystals, 3 Crystal Leaves

Level 19Edit

  • Sell any titanium statue.
  • Use a healing potion on 0 HP. (tick heal)
  • Add frozen bones to your bone-meal bin.
  • Open a bag of gold found in chests.

Reward: 300 Blood Crystals

Level 20 Edit

  • Own 3 or more pirates.
  • Kill the fire mage in the volcano.
  • Eat a swordfish with silver quality.

Reward: 600 Blood Crystals, 1 Oil Well Orb

Level 21 Edit

  • Reflect for a total of 200 damage.
  • Successfully cook exactly 20 shrimps.
  • Use ice arrows in a fight.

Reward: 100 blood crystals and some arrows (regular or fire)

Level 22 Edit

  • Use 3 combat potions in one fight.
  • Get a raw shark from the ocean loot bag.
  • Add 500 million coins in the gold well.
  • Send a row boat at least 20 times.

Reward: 100 Blood Crystals, Gold Ruby Key

Level 23 Edit

  • Send your sailboat when very high wind is active
  • Fill a total of 250 lava buckets
  • Chop down a cactus using the woodcutting skill
  • Earn a total of 15,000,000,000 coins

Reward: 100 Blood Crystals, 94 Promethium Bars

Level 24 Edit

  • Catch a raw shark from any boat
  • Explore the jungle 5 times
  • Go to the moon 
  • Kill a puffer fish

Reward: 100 Blood Crystals, 5 Titanium Bars, 80 Lava

Level 25 Edit

  • Get any orb from any chest
  • Equip a ghostscan ring(changed to amulet)
  • Use a super hp potion in combat

Reward: 100 Blood Crystals, 1,000,000,000 Coins

Level 26 Edit

  • Explore the dungeon entrance
  • Poison an enemy
  • Chop down a lava tree

Reward: 100 Blood Crystals, 50 Dotted Green Leaf Seeds, 50 Green Leaf Seeds, 50 Lime Leaf Seeds

Level 27 Edit

  • Smelt a titanium bar
  • Sell a statue found in the dungeon entrance
  • Harvest 4 banana trees simultaneously using Bob
  • Kill a squid in the ocean without taking any damage

Reward: 100 Blood Crystals, 5 Daily Chest

Level 28 Edit

  • Kill the monks in the dungeon
  • Gain a total of 5 dungeon loot bags
  • Have 3 fully grown lava trees in your woodcutting patches

Reward: 100 Blood Crystals, 1 Diamond

Level 29 Edit

  • Load banana tree seeds using the titanium planter
  • Equip a dark magic hood
  • Craft a pirate's potion and get your ingredients refunded using the brewing research perk
  • Harvest any tree with a gold star bonus

Reward: 150 Blood Crystals, 50 Lava

Level 30 Edit

  • Solve a green treasure map
  • Crack open 5 geodes found from the road headers at the same time

Reward: 600 Blood Crystals (bonus for completing 30 mission sets), 1 Empty Green Orb

Level 31 Edit

  • Kill the skeleton king from the coffin
  • Own any green orb
  • Add some gold logs to the charcoal foundry
  • Smelt using the titanium furnace

Reward: 150 Blood Crystals, 1 Ancient Ore, 1 Cooked Rainbow Fish

Level 32 Edit

  • Explore the castle
  • Catch at least two raw sharks in one trip from the steam boat
  • Convert ten rubies into a diamond
  • Chop a palm tree down with the woodcutting skill

Reward: 150 Blood Crystals, Golden Bag of Coins (50,000,000,000)

Level 33 Edit

  • Plant a striped green leaf seed
  • Kill a dragon

Reward: 120 Blood Crystals, 286 Coconuts

Level 34 Edit

  • Use a total of 10 super bait
  • Add rainbow bonefish to your bone-meal bin
  • Eat a a crab

Reward: 120 Blood Crystals, 30 super bait, 1 Diamond

Level 35 Edit

  • Kill any skeleton boss from the cemetery
  • Collect plasma from the sun

Reward: 100 Blood Crystals, 2 Plasma, 1 Magic Emblem

Level 36 Edit

  • Explore the Factory
  • Harvest Pineapples using the woodcutting skill
  • Add at least 25 zombie bones to your bone-meal bin in one go

Reward: 100 Blood Crystals, 354 Lava

Level 37 Edit

  • Kill a shiny monster
  • Deal 63 or more damage with Thunder Strike

Reward: 100 Blood Crystals, 67 Charcoal

Level 38 Edit

  • Obtain at least two loot bags from one exploring trip.
  • Give the chef at least 5 million energy worth of ingredients.
  • Smelt ancient ore.

Reward: 75 Blood Crystals, 1 Gold Tree Seed

Level 39 Edit

  • Kill a robot wheelie.
  • Harvest striped gold leaf seeds.
  • Have a population of at least 1500.

Reward: ?? Blood Crystals, ??

Notes: Edit

Mission 12's fish bones requirement has been reduced twice from 250, to 100, to 50.

Mission 21's reflect requirement has been reduced from 300 to 200.

Mission 24's moon requirement triggers when landing on moon

Mission 31's reward was unveiled by smitty and maverick

Mission 34's super bait requirement works retroactively

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