The chance of finding an orb in a chest is 1/36 per roll. You get 5 rolls for ruby keys, 7 for diamond keys. There is also a bonus roll available to donors.

Note: All of the orbs stack, e.g. having two axe orbs will give you +100 logs.

Icon Type Effect
BlueOilWellOrb Oil Well 10% more oil from the well
BlueAxeOrb Axe +50 logs per tree
BlueRakeOrb Rake +3 leaves when harvesting crops
BlueFishingRodOrb Fishing Rod Increases rate of catching fish by 5%

Icon Type Effect
GreenCharcoalFoundryOrb Charcoal Foundry +1 bonus charcoal
GreenExploringOrb Exploring 10% chance to get an extra lootbag
GreenMetelDetectorOrb Metal Detector increase statue value by 10%
GreenOilFactoryOrb Oil Factory +10 maximum workers

Other orbs Edit

Type Effect
Empty Blue orb Can be turned into any blue orb
Empty Green orb Can be turned into any green orb

You can buy both of these orbs in diffrent amounts in the blood crystal shop. They are also dropped from some high level monsters. A few missons are rewarded with orbs as well.

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