Diamond Hunt Mobile Wiki


The four Puzzle Chests can be obtained by beating certain monsters:

  1. Desert Lizard 2 from the Desert
  2. Squid in Ocean
  3. Gargoyle from the Dungeon Entrance
  4. Skeleton monks in Dungeon

They can be opened by solving a puzzle, where all surrounding squares next to and including the one you clicked will change colours. The goal is to turn all squares green.

You can tell its a puzzle chest, since it has a pig on the front. (For some reason)

The solutions are shown below, if you want to figure them out for yourself, don't scroll down!

(To right, the first screen of the desert lizard guardian chest)


You should try to solve them for yourself, but here are the solutions if you get stuck.

Puzzle chest 1:

The first chest is easy. You can complete it in 3 steps. Just hit the circled blocks.


  1. Puzzle box 3 is a sodoku puzzle use https://www.sudoku-solutions.com/ too solve it.

puzzle box 4