Rings Obtained from Effect
Stone Ring StoneRing Daily Chest Gives Attack 1
Sapphire Stone Ring SapphireStoneRing StoneRing + Sapphire Gives Attack 2
Emerald Stone Ring EmeraldStoneRing SapphireStoneRing + Emerald Gives Attack 3
Ruby Stone Ring RubyStoneRing EmeraldStoneRing + Ruby Gives Attack 4
Diamond Stone Ring DiamondStoneRing RubyStoneRing + Diamond Gives Attack 5
Blood Diamond Stone Ring BloodDiamondStoneRing DiamondStoneRing + BloodDiamond Gives Attack 6
Enchanted Blood Diamond Stone Ring EnchantedBloodDiamondStoneRing Enchantment Gives Attack 12
Bone Ring BoneRing 3 BoneAmulet Double regular bone drops
Enchanted Bone Ring EnchantedBoneRing 3 EnchantedBoneAmulet Double regular bone drops

Works on all types of bones and ashes

Ghost Scan Ring GhostScanRing 3 GhostScanAmulet Ability to see ghosts
Invisibility Ring InvisibilityRing 3 InvisibilityAmulet 10% chance to evade an attack
Enchanted Invisibility Ring EnchantedInvisibilityRing 3 EnchantedInvisibilityAmulet 10% chance to evade an attack

If evaded succesfully, the next enemy hit will guarantee another evade

Exploring Speed Ring ExploringSpeedRing Castle 15% faster exploring times
Oxygen Ring OxygenRing 3 OxygenAmulet Ability to breath underwater
Blood Moon Ring BloodMoonRing Ability to turn off the blood moon
Gem Ring GemRing Goblin Shop Double gems from goblins
Looting Ring LootingRing Looting Ring Wizard Doubles the chance for equipment drops from monsters

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