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Item Amount Rarity
MagicEmblem1Uncharged.png 1 1/15*
TrackWheels.png 1 1/66
TreasureChest.png 1 1/101

* Can only be obtained once. Charges a Strong Attack which deals about 80 damage. After the charge, he is immune to melee and magic damage. Lightbulb and Poison still work.

How to Kill

Minimum items needed - Mace, Dark Mage Set, Upgraded Life Steal, Upgraded Thunderstorm, Upgraded Reflect spell, Normal Bow, Poison arrows, Invisibility ring, Berserker Ring and Berserker Amulet (Both blood diamond) and all potions (except Ghost Scan).

Set 2 presets

No 1 with dark mage set + mace and No 2 with dark mage set + Bow and poison arrows.

  • First start with preset no 1. Activate the Strength potion. Use only fire spell. If hp is going too low use life steal.
  • Caution: Don't use potions.
  • When it charges for a strong attack, Freeze it using the Thunder storm spell and activate the reflect spell.
  • Once the freeze time is getting over again freeze it using the freeze potion.
  • Caution : Don't let the Thunder storm freeze to get over i.e, Activate the freeze potion once the thunder freeze reaches 1.
  • The strong attack reflects and a barrier is created.
  • Switch to preset no 2 and Activate the Ignore defense potion.
  • The enemy gets poisoned
  • The following attacks will kill him. If hp is going low use healing potions.