Rocket is a special machine that can be sent to the moon and collect new materials. It can be crafted at crafting level 550 for 30,000 Copper Bars, 20,000 Iron Bars, 10,000 Silver Bars, and 700 Promethium Bars.

You can Travel to the Sun as well once you have a titanium heat shield.

Trips Edit

The speed of the rocket is the sum of base speed and any bonuses (boosters, super boosters, rocket speed potion, and super rocket speed potion) listed in the table below.

The rocket first travels the listed distance to its destination, where the loot can be collected, and then returns the same distance before it can be resent. This means to calculate the round-trip time, twice the distance should be divided by the speed. Some figures are given in the update notes here:

Note: the mechanics used to be different before that update.

Destination Cost Distance (km) Base speed or boosters (km/s) Super boosters or Potion (km/s) Super potion (km/s) Unique loot
Moon 4 mil oil 384,000 +3 +0, maybe? +26.5 Moonstone


Mars 15 mil oil 54,158,378 +250 +400.5 +1500 Mars Rock


Sun 30 mil oil

100 charcoal

150,000,000 +300 +700 +8430 Plasma
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