Diamond Hunt Mobile Wiki

The Sapphire is the first and lowest of 5 tiers gem available to use with various items. A player will at least need 9 Sapphires to upgrade tools and do everything you need.


Item Amount Note
Axe.png Shovel.png Rake.png BrewingKit.png FishingRod.png Machete.png 6 in total

(1 for each)

StoneAmulet.png 1

+1 Attack.png

StoneRing.png 1

+1 Attack.png

Shop.png 1 You need to sell one sapphire to npc to unlock the Gem Goblin Shop
GoldSapphireDisplay.png PromethiumSapphireDisplay.png 1 for each display
GemGoblinShopIcon.png Variable
DailyChest.png TreasureChest.png GreenTreasureChest.png 1 for each key Gives more items slots