Diamond Hunt Mobile Wiki

*You can use any spell more than once in a fight after their cooldowns

Spell Cooldown Effect Upgraded




Fire FireSpell.png 15 seconds Instantly deals 0-3 Fire damage to your enemy Base damage increased to 0-6 Fire Mage in Volcano
Reflect ReflectSpell.png 30 seconds Reflects the next attack from the enemy back to them Reflects the next succesful attack The Witch's Potion Quest
Teleport TeleportSpell.png 15 minutes Teleports you out of combat allowing you to start another one Reduces cooldown from 15 minutes to 5 minutes Community Center 7
Thunder Strike ThunderStrikeSpell.png 60 seconds Instantly deals 10-15 Thunder damage to your enemy Stuns enemies for damage/2 seconds Puzzle Chest 1
Life Steal LifeStealSpell.png 5 minutes Your next melee hit will heal you You will heal for the next 3 melee hits instead of 1 Angel in Cemetery
Sandstorm SandstormSpell.png 15 minutes
blind your target for 10 seconds casting thunderstrike while sandstorm is active will deal damage(30-45) for the remaining duration of sandstorm (per second)

(double damage in ocean)

Blood Desert Lizard 2, Blood Scorpion and Blood Lizard in Desert (Blood)