Trading is unlocked by building the trading post in the crafting menu. It allows you to trade with other players as long as they are on the same server.

The trading post costs 100 gold bars and you have to be crafting level 100 to build it.

Trading Edit

Trading is done by tapping on the trading post in your house menu. To trade, you have to find a player willing to trade. The mobile chat might help in this instance. Just ask if anyone wants the item you are willing to sell and name your server.

You can trade most in game objects. There are a few that cannot be traded:


-Blood crystals (except purchased ones)

-Crystals from opened geodes.


-Tools (w/ or w/out gems socketed) ???

If you have an item and don't know what it does, don't sell it! Instead, check the link below:

Making Profit Edit

Trading stuff for coins is a good way to make gold quick. The problem is, you might need some items later. So here are some items that you could always sell, for a recommended price.

All recommended prices are based on ratrity on amount, from smaller amounts and common items being at the bottom.

Common items (10k to 10mil) Edit

Logs (If you don't need heat and have build the community center of that type.)

Brewing ingredints (If you don't need them right now for a potion.)

Potions (If you don't need them)

Food (If you don't need them)

Uncommon items (5 mil to 30 mil) Edit

Armour (In large amounts)



Prom and Titanium (In large amounts)

Loot bags (Under Northern Fields)

Rare Items (100 mil to 1 bil) Edit


Amulets and Rings

Loot Bags (Northern fields and higher)

Trading Discord Edit

To trade with other players you need to be able to communicate with them

An official discord has been set up to facilitate trading free to use it or share with others

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