Trading is unlocked by building the trading post in the crafting menu. It allows you to trade with other players as long as they are on the same server.

The trading post costs 100 gold bars and you have to be crafting level 100 to build it.

UPDATE: If you created an account after DECEMBER 5th, 2019, you have to have bought blood crystals to use the trading feature. You can still use the player market Edit

Trading Edit

Trading is done by tapping on the trading post in your house menu. To trade, you have to find a player willing to trade. The mobile chat might help in this instance. Just ask if anyone wants the item you are willing to sell and name your server.

You can trade most in game objects. There are a few that cannot be traded:


-Blood crystals (except purchased ones)

-Crystals from opened geodes.


-Tools (w/ or w/out gems socketed) ???

If you have an item and don't know what it does, don't sell it! Instead, check the link below:

Making Profit Edit

Trading stuff for coins is a good way to make gold quick. Here is a list of current prices of different items ( as of 02-09-2019) But some items may be required later as you play, so we don't recommend you to sell to much and you should think before you trade

Here are the costs of different items in blood crystals. It can be used as a reference to trade. For example, a green chest can be sold for 99/0.09 = 1100 promethium bars.

*HKP is highest known selling price, just to show how much somebody was willing to pay for it.

Item name Cost in BC HKP in coins
Blue Geode 1 1 B
Green Geode 2.5 2 B
Red Geode 5 3 B
Gold Geode 15 10 B
Cyan Geode 45 120 B
Sapphire 0.5 ~ 0.6 800 M
Emerald 4.5 6 B
Ruby 10 60 B
Diamond 55 150 B
Shooting star 55 ???
Chests 45 160 B
Green chests 99 250 B
1M heat 33.3 ???
Bronze bars ??? 5000 ?
Iron bars ??? 40 k ?
Silver bars ??? 200 K
Gold bars ??? 1 M
Promethium bars 0.09 ???
Titanium bars 0.9 ???
Ancient bars 33.3 ???
Lava 0.09 ???
1B Gold 0.25 ???
Lightbulb 1000 ???
Trident 1500 ???
Berserker Ring 300~400 ???

UPDATED 25-11-2019 . Feel free to edit if it is wrong. Values may not be exact.



You can sell stuff for blood crystals.

You can only buy things with purchased blood crystals. Edit

Every item has a min price, depending on the item. The max price for any item is 2,000,000 BC.

You may sell up to 3 items at a time.

As of right now, you may only sell items in your equipment tab.

However, you get an error when you try to sell bird feed or a rusty sword.


Trading Discord Edit

To trade with other players you need to be able to communicate with them

An official discord has been set up to facilitate trading free to use it or share with others

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Fun Fact: If you try to trade with yourself, it will ask you "why?"

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