Diamond Hunt Mobile Wiki

The treasure chest can be gotten after you solve a riddle on a treasure map. Once you have one, you can click on it to create keys. The better the gem, the more different items you get. Once you have a key, you can use it to open the chest.

The first chest opened will drop an emblem, which can be charged for 250 Blood Crystals, giving your explorer a permanent +10 HP buff.

The chance of finding an orb in a chest is 1/36 per roll. You get 5 rolls for ruby keys, 7 for diamond keys. There is also a bonus roll available to donors.

Unlike Daily Chests, Treasure Chests and Green Treasure Chests do not scale with the level.

Regular Chest Loot

Item Amount
Coins.png Coins 30m-500m
BagOfCash.png Bag of Gold (100M) 1
BloodCrystals.png Blood Crystals ~90
XpLamp10k.png XP Lamp (10k) 1
RawSwordfish.png Raw Swordfish 1
RawShark.png Raw Shark 1
Shark.png Cooked Shark 2
Arrows.png Arrow ~60
FireArrows.png Fire Arrow ~60
IceArrows.png Ice Arrow ~40
Bones.png Bones ~70
Lava.png Lava Bucket ~30
PromethiumBars.png Promethium Bars 17-27
LimeLeafSeeds.png Lime Leaf Seeds 10-29
GoldLeafSeeds.png Gold Leaf Seeds 5-10
CrystalLeafSeeds.png Crystal Leaf Seeds 1-5
LimeLeaf.png Lime Leaf 20-61
GoldLeaf.png Gold Leaf 20-37
CrystalLeaf.png Crystal Leaf 5-20
MapleTreeSeeds.png Maple Tree Seeds 1-3
RedwoodTreeSeeds.png Redwood Tree Seeds 1-3
PineTreeSeeds.png Pine Tree Seeds 1-3
Logs.png Logs 521-985
OakLogs.png Oak Logs 592-957
WillowLogs.png Willow Logs 503-772
MapleLogs.png Maple Logs 504-786
RedwoodLogs.png Redwood Logs 536-999
WoodcuttingUpgradePotion.png Tree Upgrade Potion 1-5
SuperCompostPotion.png Super Compost Potion 1-5

Green Chest Loot

Green Chests can only be obtained after crafting the Spyglass.

Item Amount
BagOfCash2.png Bag of Gold (1B) 2
XpLamp10k.png XP Lamp (10k) 2
Titanium.pngTitanium 6-9
TitaniumBars.pngTitanium Bars 6-11
Lava.png Lava Bucket 112-149
PromethiumBars.png Promethium Bars 129-178
PineLogs.png Pine Logs 354
LavaLogs.png Lava Logs 116-237
LimeLeafSeeds.png Lime Leaf Seeds 41
CrystalLeafSeeds.png Crystal Leaf Seeds 8-9
RedMushroom.png Red Mushroom 534
DottedGreenLeaf.png Dotted Green Leaf 160-363
GreenLeaf.png Green Leaf 147-314
LimeLeaf.png Lime Leaf 135
GoldLeaf.png Gold Leaf 49-60
CrystalLeaf.png Crystal Leaf 31-34
CactusTreeSeeds.png Cactus Tree Seeds 2-4
BananaTreeSeeds.png Banana Tree Seeds 1-3
Bones.png Bones 100-119
RawSwordfish.png Raw Swordfish 9
RawShark.png Raw Shark 4