Diamond Hunt Mobile Wiki

The Treasure Map is an item that can be solved by a riddle. When solved you get a Treasure Chest. Maps can be found with Pirates, which can be purchased after obtaining the Community Center 5.

SPOILER ALERT! : The riddles and their answers are shown below. If you want to solve them on your own, do not scroll down!


These are the clues you need to solve to get a treasure chest. The clues are in the left column, and the answers are on the right.

Clue Answer
Full of Spots to be sold Sell a dotted green leaf
A toast for a faster melt Drink a furnace speed potion
Wish it was tomorrow Click on Time Machine
Don't come in my store unless you bring the blood. Go to the shop where you can buy blood crystals for real money
What a nice collection. BURN THEM. Go to Woodcutting -> Axe -> Trees chopped
Weaker than bones, and even weaker as I do not yield Eat Shrimp
Pure Au. Smelt a single gold bar

Clue Answer
Naturally, the color of your coins but is no ore. Sell me. Sell a Gold Leaf
Burn me to allow you to burn me again. Make one Charcoal
As you get warmer, the beep increases in frequency. Click the Metal Detector
Well well well, what do we have here. Click the Well
Freezing most things conserves them, including calcium. Add Frozen Bones to the Bone-meal Bin
Fancy vials filled with enriched liquid. Click the enriched potions in Blood Crystal shop
IV Crushers Turn on 4 crushers