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Why would anyone care about a fandom bio?

I found dh2 on crazygames and was bored, tried it, had to go to the actual site to get it working, and am now a fan. There.

My favorite pages

  • Combat - proboly the one i edited most, wrote the first couple sections on how combat works
  • Trading and the trading post- since i made it, though someone else added the discord link
  • Suggestions for updates (Beta only) - since I made it
  • Blood crystals - i have over doubled the size of the page by adding sections on stuff they are used for, though i didn't create the page or fill in the chart i made on mystery gems. I also made the wise investing column on that page.
  • Farming - since i made it, but most updates are by other people
  • Faq, since i made and wrote it
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