Woodcutting is the 3rd skill and can be unlocked by crafting an Axe. Each tree provides logs which can be sold or used as fire for the Cooking Skill. Experience is gained when chopping down the tree. Research perks will give the chance of more experience per tree as well as providing roots which can be sold for extra money.

Each upgrade to the Axe using gems will give double the amount of logs.

Trees Edit



Requirement XP Starting

Logs Given

Tree Tree Level 1 1500 ~25-35
Oak Tree OakTree Level 15 3500 ~25-35
Willow Tree WillowTree Level 30 8000 ~25-35
Maple Tree MapleTree Level 50 15000 ~25-35
Redwood Tree RedwoodTree Level 75 45000 ~25-35
Pine Tree PineTree Level 100 95000 ~25-35