Woodcutting is the 3rd skill and can be unlocked by crafting an Axe. Each tree provides logs which can be sold, used for crafting, or used as fire for the Cooking Skill. Experience is gained when chopping down the tree. Research perks will give the chance of more experience per tree as well as providing Roots which can be sold for extra money.

You can also increase the XP from trees and get shiny trees for more logs and roots with their respective research perks.

Trees Edit

Name Picture Requirement XP Logs Time
Tree Tree Level 1 1,500 ~25-35 Clock 1 hour
Oak Tree OakTree Level 15 3,500 ~25-35 Clock 2 hours
Willow Tree WillowTree Level 30 8,000 ~25-35 Clock 4 hours
Maple Tree MapleTree Level 50 15,000 ~25-35 Clock 6 hours
Redwood Tree RedwoodTree Level 75 45,000 ~25-35 Clock 8 hours
Pine Tree PineTree Level 100 95,000 ~25-35 Clock 10 hours
Haunted Tree HauntedTree Level 150 150,000 ~25-35 Clock 12 hours
Jungle Tree JungleTree Level 225 200,000 ~25-35 Clock 14 hours
Lava Tree LavaTree Level 315 250,000 ~25-35 Clock 16 hours
Gold Tree GoldTree Level 400 300,000 ~25-35 Clock 18 hours
Magic Tree MagicTree Level 700 500,000 ~25-35 Clock 20 hours

Fruit Trees Edit

Fruit Trees will start growing once Woodcutting Research Tier 5 is unlocked.



Requirement XP Fruits Amount Time
Apple Tree AppleTree Level 75 45,000 Apple Apple 100-200 Clock 6 hours
Cactus CactusTree Level 250 150,000 Nopal Nopal 100-200 Clock 14 hours
Banana Tree BananaTree Level 350 220,000 Bananas Bananas 100-200 Clock 16 hours
Palm Tree PalmTree Level 500 400,000 Coconuts Coconut 8(?)-9(?) Clock 20 hours
Pineapple Bush PineappleTree Level 700 600,000 Pineapple Pineapple 8(?)-9(?) Clock 22 hours
Starfruit Tree StarfruitTree Level 1000 1,000,000 Starfruit Starfruit 8(?)-9(?) Clock 26 hours
Gold Apple Tree Level 300 5,000,000 1 hour

Extra Patches Edit

You can buy new patches in the blood crystal shop. The price increases as shown in the table below.

Patch Price
3rd Patch BloodCrystals 175
4th Patch BloodCrystals 750
5th Patch BloodCrystals 1,000
6th Patch BloodCrystals 1,200

Notes: Edit

These mostly have to do with the upgrade potion.

  • You can not upgrade the highest tier of tree, as there is nothing to upgrade to
  • Using an upgrade potion on a fruit tree also works, upgrading the tree to the next tier of fruit tree
  • If you use an upgrade potion on a shiny tree, the upgraded tree will be shiny as well. The same applies to stars
  • You can not upgrade the same tree twice
  • Each blue axe orb will give you +50 logs per tree
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